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social mobility means basically the american dream. the ability of one generation to do better than the next. we're tenth. that's like sweden coming tenth in swedish meatballs. >> larry: not first in life expectancy either. >> we're 49th behind bosnia. >> larry: so happy we could make your night tonight. >> what? you asked me a question. >> larry: thanks, bill. >> pleasure. >> larry: bill maher. he returns to hbo friday night, he'll be appearing for two nights in las vegas september 25th and 26th. tomorrow night, supreme court justice steven briar will be here in this studio. time now for "ac 360" and anderson cooper. anderson?
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this last big primary night is giving us more drama and allow more messages from the tea party to the republican establishment. let's go to the blockbuster you mentioned in delaware. christine o'donnell written off as a french long-shot weeks ago issue republican nominee for senate in the state of delaware for a seat held by joe biden. she is the republican nominee because she defeated the
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establishment republican candidate. mike castle is a former governor, he yes 1 state-wide 12 times. he lost 47% to christine o'donnell's 53%. can she win in november? and democrats say no way. the general election starts tomorrow. the senate primary, kelly ayotte started out as the establishment favorite, will be all montaigne is a conservative activist and she was the favorite and he is winning at the moment. plus break down the number. another message to the establishment there. 42% for lamont tang, 37% year. close watch this tonight. some big cities to come in. a lot of conservatives say her support for sonia sotomayor could be a big reason her conservative challenger is outpacing her. and other race we're watching, charlie rangel. house democrat. five challengers in his race and
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this crowded field, it could be a factor in the results. charlie rangel facing ethics charges in the house, 48% right now to lead challenger running at 24%. the incumbent under 50%, that crowded field could be a factor. we will keep an eye on that. 15th district. this could be another stunner. primary governor, rick lazio was considered the favorite not that long ago. tea party candidate carl paladino is a republican developer. let's look at these numbers. 67% for the tea party carl paladino. 33%, a poor showing for rick lazio. anderson this has been holding up and that would be another big message here. carl paladino the tea party candidate saying this is an established republican.
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we will watch that as it plays out. and the d.c. mayoral race, no results. getting late. we're wondering where the votes are. the democratic incumbent, running against the chairman of the city council. his message has been the african-american mayor lost touch with the african-american community. school reform, cannot tell you anything at the moment. we would like for those numbers right there, we're ready to make a call and the new york republican governor's race. we're ready to make this call, cnn projecting a major upset tonight, carl paladino, the tea party candidate, cnn projects he will be the republican nominee for governor defeating the man who just weeks ago was not to be the favorite, rick lazio. carl paladino will face andrew cuomo in that race in new york state. the son of the former governor, he will be favored in their
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race. another upset, another message to the republican establishment. we have been talking how this is a bad year for the democrats come november because the history of the midterm election, it is a dramatic soul searching for the republican party. >> we will continue to check in with you throughout this hour. let's bring in david gergen, paul begala, erik erikson, the recent author, and also the founder of that minority think, john ridley. and the national correspondent for "the new york times." democrat grassroots try to pick up some incumbents in arkansas,
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colorado, pennsylvania with arlen specter, there were not successful outside of pennsylvania, the republicans on the other hand, the grassroots, i don't think the republicans get it. a cnn poll from three months ago, republican voters dislike the republicans in washington more than independence disliked the republicans in washington and they are in total denial. this is not going to do anything for them tonight. lots of e-mails from people sang republican leadership tied to the senate openly blaming jim demint for all of their problems. should be blaming themselves. >> y jim demint? >> because he endorsed law montaigne and has endorsed everything against them, they keep losing which is why o'donnell might be happy they're saying they will not helper given her track record>> let's go to o'donnell headquarters where jessica yellen has the winning candidate with her.
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>> i am here with christine o'donnell has been greeting supporters on light long, first of all, what message do you think your victory here cents. yeah: establish and republicans. >> we the people want our voice heard again and it is not always about power, it is about principles. a lot of work to do to get our country back on track, and i think the voters are crazy candidates who will stand for something. we have already been told this evening that the national republicans, the republican organization that often funds campaigns like yours is not going to fund your spirit and that many national republicans have said it cannot win in november. do you need the money? can you win without a? >> they don't have a winning track record. they are the experts said i could not win the primary.
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if we had that throughout natal mentality every time there was a bike they needed to be fought, our country would not be what it is. it would not be what is worth defending. so there is a lot of visionaries and leaders that you have seen here in this room that believe we can win and if they are too lazy to put in the effort that we need to win, then so be it. we will win without them. i love their support but we will and without them. >> i heard to say in your remarks, you bet. what role did sarah palin play in your victory tonight? >> she challenged the establishment before it was cool. and she pioneered and trailed for so many women out there. and we have to thank her and all the women serving in politics regardless of the party because it is a man's world. there are a lot of women who are holding their own and blazing the trail for people like me. >> he told me when i interview
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yesterday, you like hillary clinton's endorsement because to admire here. >> i have not heard from her. but of course. secretary clinton is one of those women who when she first stepped out there, she took a beating and i don't agree with all of her policies but i agree with how she has held her own in a difficult arena especially in her position. >> thank you for your time. anderson, we understand that the castle campaign has not called to concede. but they say here that they understand and they're pleased with their victory. he was gracious in remarks publicly. they got a long road ahead of them here. >> do you expect that mike castle will endorse her? >> me ask you one more question? do you expect that mike castle will endorse yeah? >> i hope so. but again, it would be nice if we can bury the hatchet now but
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if not, we can win. we can win with the support of the people. what we have seen is whole election cycles of everyday americans rising up to take back their country and that is the momentum i am counting on to win the general election. >> thank you. anderson, a lot of enthusiasm in the room. they're going to need to do their work to raise money to take on the democrats who are feeling, to tonight. they think they can win this now. >> thank you. an exciting night for her supporters and let's check in with our panel, are democrats measuring the drapes on this too quickly? i heard him earlier on larry king saying he used to be on her shoe years ago and he was reading for because she is a nice person in some ways. >> i don't know her personally but there's always a risk, a
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great legend in the democratic party health officials and the carter white house wanted to run against reagan. they wanted to in the worst way and they did. anybody in politics ought to step back and respect anybody who can win like that. the tea party activists, and the republican party have pulled off at eight or nine impressive statewide victories against powerful entrenched establishment candidate. that is impressive. but that is to republicans only primaries, a gay community. in general elections, there have a leg in two where tea party candidates were running and fully funded and the lost both of them. in the 23rd district of new york state were no democrat had 1 and 152 years, he beat the tea party candidate because the republican candidate endorsed the democrat. in the pennsylvania 12th district, a credible tea party
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candidate. the democrat won there and it remains to be seen how powerful the tea party will be any general election when it is not just the republicans. >> david gergen, some republicans want these candidates to win because they are on the french and we will be able to win against them in a general election. a they overly optimistic? >> i agree with all that remains to be seen that i disagree with one point about what he said and that is in massachusetts, scott brown won that election for the senate and part because he has so much support from the tea party. i think there's going to be some of these races where the tea party folks doing much better than anybody would have expected. the people wrote off sharron angle. and it is a tough race. they should not be written off a
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big night for jim demint, and i think there are large questions now that are going to hang over us after the election's about how we, decisions are reached in washington, whether you can reach a bipartisan agreement. >> i want to say he is right. i can't believe i left scott brown out. >> what is interesting is up until today, the conversation was how badly are the democrats going to lose in the fall and now it is all about the republicans and the problems they're having. not just here with the tea party that look at what is going on with the tax issue. you have the young guns saying different things but it is interesting that and about 24 hours the conversation has changed. this will not stop them from losing but it allows them to look at the races and focus in places because you have republicans having to deal with
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themselves. >> more with our panel, they are with us throughout the hour. you can talk to viewers around the world and watch around the united states. let us know what you think tonight. from delaware to harlem, we will check them on charlie rangel's race. to everyone who wants to go to college and everyone who started college but never finished... to late bloomers... full-time moms... and everyone who is good at something but wants to be great. welcome to kaplan university. the university that's changing the face of education... to undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees... degrees that can give you a leg up... in a tough job market... in any job market... welcome. welcome to kaplan university. call kaplan university now or visit us on-line to take our free learning assessment.
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an exciting night, new
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york's 15th congressional district, charlie rangel and the fight of his career facing ethics investigation, no longer chairman of the powerful ways and means committee. win or call home. congressman rangel holding a substantial lead by 2-1, 19% of the precincts counted. joe johns at headquarters are now. >> looking for his his 21st, a surreal night in harlem. a lively crowd. not a very large crowd at all. quite a few people here waiting for what is expected to be a win for charlie rangel. not surprising with his ethics allegations back in washington, d.c. of not going out on
1:19 am
financial disclosure. handling improperly donations for a center try to build here for public service. we're still going to have to wait quite a while because it is an issue. the voting machines in new york to get the final numbers. a lot of the institutional democratic party turning out for charlie rangel, including david paterson, the former mayor, some members of congress. all expecting a victory for charlie rangel despite all these issues. >> we will check in with you. obviously ahead right now, back to the panel. john ridley brought up that he had a victory, charlie rangel, not the best for the democratic party. it allows republicans to say the democrats drain the swamp and ending a culture of corruption.
1:20 am
charlie rangel is facing allegations and they are just allegations but 13 ethics violations charges. >> i think that is right. it looks like he will win but no question that the republicans like to have him around. they look like to keep him out there. after tonight, a real chance the conversation is going to turn to some sort of civil war going on within the republican conservatives. are we seeing something like we saw back in the 1960's. with the rise of barry goldwater, seize power of the party and then went on to get a real driving in the 1964 national election. a conservative, but it took awhile. that will be the conversation. republicans will not like it and they will want the conversation to be about there are a lot of problems with these establishment democrats. keep charlie rangel up ground
1:21 am
and that will be something republicans alike. >> as much as the energy is on the right this time, the enthusiasm favors the right, the anti-incumbent is on the rise. in arkansas earlier, it does not seem to be as strong on the democratic side. i also think we need to think about november third, if these tea party candidates lose, the republicans will say conservative candidates cannot win. we need to go back to the middle. >> david talked about in the 1960's and barry goldwater. nixon frank himself as a reasonable conservative. the question is is they're going to be that conservative, that republican who comes along and says i am a reasonable guy. whether they are moderate republicans are not. people are looking for that. when it comes time for the general election, you have to go toward the middle. >> the party of reagan was more
1:22 am
conservative than the party of nixon. the party of bush more conservative than cooking fresh we more conservative. these guys are going so far right. it is all honorable but it has gone far right. the republican party today would be unrecognizable to the white eisenhower. >> that is true but i think the country moves as well. we are forgetting about all these races are events and things can change. it is one thing for us to say this is what is going to happen on november second with christine o'donnell, this guy will win or what have you. you dance changed. a lot of time between now and november. they're looking at the calendar and things change. what happens this year will not be the same as what happens in two years. the big story was the
1:23 am
annihilation of the public party and they're about to take back the house. things change. but it will not be the same republican party that takes back the house if they do. that is the question. the republicans used to more like the democrats. isdavid? >> i just wanted to say, i want to come back to this point about just after the election. if you are a republican incumbent coming to washington after the election, one of the clear messages out of this -- these primaries is if you work across the aisle and work with democrats, you do so at risk to your political life. we've now seen several like bob bennett or senator murkowski in alaska or mike castle. they've been working with them krats so it seems to be the message to the republicans is,
1:24 am
and really to aaron the point, if you are an establishment republican, you are going to do so at great risk. >> i think, david there is something to that. i'll tell you. i was talking to republicans last week other then jim demint who say one of his frustrations with washington is this idea that on big issues there has to be some sort of compromise in coming together. he is one of the conservative senators. but there is a lot of frustration out there. it's not just on the republican side. my friend jane hampshire runs a website. she has the frustration with democrats that there are issues where there are clear ideological lines where both sides feel like we're fighting for and they see guys go to washington who don't fight but compromise. sometimes it's good. sometimes it's bad. inevitably it grows government. a lot of conservatives are upset about that. >> david gergen, you've worked in numerous white houses. isn't compromise key to actually
1:25 am
accomplishing something? >> well, anderson, there are some issues on which, you know, barack obama and democrats have rammed things through without a lot of bipartisanship and no republican votes essentially. coming back to -- one of the central issues for the next two years is how we're going to get ahold of this fiscal deficit. how we're going to get spending under control. how we're going to try to balance our books. there is no way we're going to get from here to some sort of solution to that without the two parties joining forces. there simply aren't enough votes ack into hard things, whether medicare or reforming social security or doing it with home deductions or cutting defense. all of those things are going to require people to work across the aisles. that's why we have this bipartisan deficit commission that may hold some hope. if republicans come in the next year and democrats say if you're going to work with the other side, you'll get punished in your next primary. you're out of here if you do
1:26 am
tharkts it's going to make it very difficult. >> we'll have more of our panel coming up. also take a look at some of the tactics and the ads that candidates are using to try and win, especially in these last few weeks, including one candidate for mayor in rhode island who is trying to sing his way to victory. also live to the site of today's emotional reunion in oman where the hiker held more than a year was reunited with her family. nic robertson was there. details on sarah shourd's release. i have asthma. and when my symptoms came back i'd get this tightness in my chest.
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this year saw some memorable ads, forgettable ads, ads you'd maybe like to forget but can't. candidates firing machine guns, creepy red-eyed man sheep hybrids and more. along with the novelty acts also, as always, the attack ads, late attack ads the cheap shots. tom foreman looks at some of those in our latest installment of "political theater." >> anderson, many front running candidates have been so convinced at victory they used to get a start on the general election. in wisconsin two men are slugging it out. look at this ad by republican scott walker. >> i want to get government out of the way so employers can create more good-paying jobs.
1:31 am
i'm scott walker and ready to go the distance as your governor. >> those boxing gloves might strike some as insensitive as democrat mayor was savagely beaten after rescuing a woman from an attack. look at his ad. >> there are people with character who don't think about what might happen to them. they just respond. i don't think he ever thought about it. i know and our kids know that their dad will always stand up for them and he will always stand up for wisconsin. >> tom, no doubt, some opponents say that ad is a bit opportunistic. >> you would think that. political observers say a general election race could be tight. speaking of opportunistic, we
1:32 am
can't get by without pointing out nobody can top a democratic contender of mayor of providence. he proposed to a woman during a debate. check out his local tv show. >> i want to say i write songs for fun and i can play a song for you really quick. i don't have my guitar with me so. i'll sing it for you, okay? >> mm-hmm. ♪ to the rich man who stands in his house high upon the hill ♪ ♪ the chains that bind you, the flames that surround you ♪ >> this went on for two minutes. this guy singing along with his cell phone and at the end he
1:33 am
wanted to bring a guitar player in to do it again and the host voted no. the voters went with the non-proposing, non-singing with the cell phone ticket angel tavarez. >> they punished him for his creativity. >> some people don't appreciate art. >> more on the primaries. we will have the latest on the upsets. we are following important stories including iran's decision to release one of the three american hikers. why was she and not the other two let go? [ male announcer ] the financial headlines
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for a free brochure, call the number on your screen. we are ready to call another race, let's go to john king. john? >> democrat charlie rangel has overcomethics allegations at at least for now and won his primary in new york city. 15th congressional district, cnn projecting charlie rangel will within the democratic primary. he's seeking a 21st term in congress, so for all intents and purposes, this should mean
1:37 am
charlie rangel will win re-election to the house tonight. 60% of the vote in, charlie rangel getting 53%. his closest challenger, five in all, his closest challenger, adam clayton powell iv at 25%. so charlie rangel surviving for now in harlem. he will be the democratic nominee, the overwhelming favored now to win re-election. we should note he still faces ethics allegations, but if he had to worry about that in the primary, not anymore. we project he will be the democratic nominee. >> we'll check in on the race in the gop race in new hampshire. overseas now, a young american woman stepped off a plain in oman today and, quote, i've been waiting for this moment for a really long time," her name is sarah shourd, one of three american hikers detained by iran for over a year now. they say they were hiking when they allegedly strayed into iranian territory. iran accused them of spying. nic robertson is in oman tonight.
1:38 am
nic, she flew today to -- from iran to oman. iranian media say she was released on bail because of her medical condition. what kind of shape was she when she arrived? >> reporter: she seemed pretty tired, quite emotional when you listened to her speak. huge hugs and kisses with her mother and uncle on the tarmac after she got off the 2 1/2 hour flight, her mother pulled her scarf over her hair, but walking arm in arm, mother clearly relieved, she had a lot to say when she met the press here in oman saying she wanted to thank the sultan of oman and thank many other people, including the president of iran. >> i want to really offer my thanks to everyone in the world,
1:39 am
all of the governments, all of the people that have been involved and especially particularly want to address president ahmadinejad and all of the iranian officials that -- religious leaders, and thank them for this humanitarian gesture. i'm grateful and very humbled by this moment. >> she -- there was bail posted of $500 in order to get her released. do we know how that happened without violating u.s. sanctions against iran? who paid the bail? >> reporter: well, it sounds as if you listen to iranians it sounds as if the oman has paid the bail, $500,000, the state department said they department pay it. not really clear the family could have raised that money, and that appears why oman played such a significant role, they seemed to be the middle man in all of this, the money being transferred from a bank here, it
1:40 am
appears oman is saying, at least senior u.s. government officials saying the omanis did play a significant role. they seem to be the middleman. exactly were the money came from, that's not clear. >> those pictures of her being reunited with her mom, it's just so incredibly sad and sort of touching to see them reunited after this long time, to think her fiance is still in jail in iran with her other friend. is she expected to go back to face trial at some point? >> reporter: normally when people have paid bail before, journalists that have been in iranian jail paid bail before, the money's paid, they never go back. and that appears to be the situation here. this is almost, if you like, sort of get out of jail money. her fiance, though, her other male friend, still in jail. iranians say they'll face charges and she's making it very clear that right now all she's going to put all her effort and energy into getting them freed
1:41 am
as well. >> their names are shane bauer and josh fattal. nic, appreciate the reporting from oman tonight, one happy family reunited. two other american families still waiting for their loved ones to be returned. john king in washington with the latest numbers and political panel to talk about the night's biggest upsets. stay with us.
1:42 am
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1:44 am
let's bring you up to the minute right now on all the political upsets we've seen and some we haven't seen yet. john king's got the latest. john? >> a dramatic night, anderson. the primary season with more stunning upsets. evidence that the tea party is senning a message to their party. the biggest drama of the night which is delaware. we now know christine o'donnell will be republican senate nominee for the state of delaware. the seat held for 36 years by vice president joe biden, she is the nominee because she defeated in resounding fashion, the establishment republican
1:45 am
candidate. mike castle, 47% for mike castle, despite 12 victories prior in statewide elections. he loses tonight. christine o'donnell, 53%. she is the republican candidate with tea party backing. the question will be will the establishment republican party gather around her, but stunning upset powered by the tea party tonight. new hampshire, kelly ayotte, former state attorney general, she was the favorite coming in. ovide lamontagne, a conservative activist, once the candidate for govern, unsuccessful in that case, and now we see mr. lamontagne has held the lead throughout the night. 41% to 38% for kelly ayotte. several other conservatives in that race. 30% of the vote counted. they're counting slowly tonight in new hampshire, lamontagne holding his leads so far, although the numbers have closed just a bit. we need to keep watching in. new york governor, carl paladino, the tea party candidate will be the republican nominee for governor.
1:46 am
how did he get there? this is a familiar storyline. he beat the establishment republican candidate rick lazio. let's break down the numbers here. carl paladino winning over rick lazio. 36% for lazio. 34%. you can tell those numbers are mixed up. mr. paladino is the winner in the state. mr. paladino is winning that race. he will be going up against the attorney general andrew cuomo. charlie rangel, cnn now projects, will be the winner in the democratic primary in the 15th congressional district. he has represented that district for 20 terms, that's 40 years in the house of representatives. he is now the runaway favorite despite ethics allegations against him. it makes him the overwhelming favorite come november. and one more we're waiting for tonight, the d.c. mayor's race, first the candidates, adrian fenty, the democratic incumbent running against democratic vincent gray, chairman of the city council. a few other democrats in the primary tonight as well. let's break down the early numbers as we see this one
1:47 am
coming in. mr. gray at the moment, nearly 60% of the vote, 59% to 29%. we caution you, 13% of the vote in here. the late polls did show vincent gray running against the incumbent adrian fenty, disaffection, dissatisfaction in the african-american community. education reform a big issue in this race. only 13%, though, we need to keep counting in the district of columbia. >> we appreciate the update. we only have two minutes so, very quick thoughts from each of you. david gergen? >> big anti-establishment night. talk about d.c., a race of national significance. the mayor is going down there and looks like he's going down big tonight. appointed michelle rhee, trying to overhaul the d.c. schools. she's been fighting against a lot of different forces there. the mayor goes down tonight, it imperils some of the most important school reforms in the country. that is big news in the education reform community. >> paul? >> picking up on that, if you're
1:48 am
interested in that issue, watch "waiting for superman." the guy who made an inconvenient truth, powerful case for school reform. but for me the story of the night is good news for conservatives, bad news for republicans. so on the net, this is actually a pretty good night for the democrats. >> paul begala smiling after this night. erick? >> in november, the national republican senatorial committee will try to take credit for senate gains, but if they get them, it will be in spite of them. yet again the national republican senatorial committee has been smacked down by the tea party. these people are totally detached from what's going on within their own grassroots, and it may come back to haunt them in november if they're not careful. >> strange night when both paul begala and erick ericson both smiling. >> that's the d.c. mayor election is the one we'll talk about least but it may have the most far-reaching consequences. interestingly, if fenty lost the black vote he was trying to save the schools and it is going to be something to watch in the future.
1:49 am
>> i think paul is right the democrats got a big victory tonight, but three weeks ago, even tea party activists were counting out christine o'donnell. i don't think anyone can count out the tea party. >> appreciate our panelists staying up the extra hour with us. our coverage continues, a lot more ahead. we've been talking about education. imagine if your child's future was decided by a lottery. luck of the draw. determining if your child gets into a good school or one that doesn't have the resources. it happens all the time. is it right? perry's principles ahead. [ male announcer ] one look can turn the everyday into romantic.
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education contributor steve perry spent time with families who were featured in a film that focuses on a lottery that thousands of families in harlem have every year. the prize can literally be life saving. it's "perry's principles" report shows why.
1:53 am
>> reporter: for eric and shawn to get their son into a high-performing charter school, they have to win a lottery. literally. >> that was nice. now let's do our words. >> reporter: that are profiled in the movie "the lottery." explores the emotional process parents go through to get their children into a strong school. most live in areas with underperforming schools and the final step is a massive lottery drawing. >> welcome. >> reporter: a few hundred children are randomly selected out of thousands to win seats in the most sought-after schools. what did you see with people sitting next to you? what was going on with them? >> seeing some tears, we were praying, you know, and you just are seeing an agents feeling, people were sitting on the edge, waiting and hoping. >> you're looking at, it symbolizes hope. it symbolizes great opportunities. >> barack obama has those black shoes, shiny shoes. >> does he? >> reporter: lori brown goodwin
1:54 am
is raising her son gregory alone. her husband is in prison. unhappy with her zone school, she entered a dozen lotteries. >> what it meant to me to get a decent school, i just want to give my son a fair education. i kept saying if i put him in a local school up the block, even though i know it's okay, i'm like, am i throwing him into a failing situation. >> reporter: filmmaker madeleine sackler wanted to highlight the inequity of school choice. >> we had it described like a horror movie. the parents wake up and know they're walking into a nightmare. their chances at that particular lottery was one in seven. there are over 3,000 applicants for 475 spots and yet they go because they're just dying for something better. >> reporter: that something better is a charter school. a public school funded by tax dollars but run independently. and with more freedom than traditional schools. they're governed by performance contracts that require proven academic success.
1:55 am
they often have longer school days, a year round schedule and in harlem, no shortage of critics who don't like seeing their neighborhood school replaced by one they have to compete to get into. even if the charter school posts impressive results. >> the school in the film, about 95% of the kids are grade level. in harlem over all which is where the school is located it's 56%. for the school in the film, it's one of the highest-performing schools in new york and the most protested. >> reporter: finally, off the waiting list, gregory attends a charter school. his mom says it's working. >> you can see the difference in him. i see it in him too, now. >> reporter: as for the roachfords, they're still waiting for their name to be called. >> i feel every school should be excellent and we shouldn't have to be in a position to make that kind of decision. >> so what do you think we can do to eliminate the need for these huge lotteries? >> reporter: one of the things we can do is allow successful models to be replicated in some of america's most impoverished neighborhoods so children don't
1:56 am
have to win a lottery to be a successful student. every child should have access to quality education regardless of where they live. >> sounds good. steve, appreciate it. >> let's check in with john king. >> a couple of big updates where we don't know the winners just yet. the state of new hampshire, kelly ayotte was the favorite coming in over lamontagne. let's check the latest numbers 34% of the vote in lamontagne is still winning, kelly ayotte is closing in. another big race in the district of columbia, the incumbent mayor adrian feinty. he wants four more years. vincent gray, the challenger. let's check the numbers. with 18% of the vote counted vincent gray with a comfortable lead 56% to 43%.
1:57 am
he would be defeating an incumbent mayor if these hold up. school reform, unemployment the big issues in this race. back to late primary results and the panel next. to everyone who wants to go to college and everyone who started college but never finished... to late bloomers... full-time moms... and everyone who is good at something but wants to be great. welcome to kaplan university. the university that's changing the face of education... to undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees... degrees that can give you a leg up... in a tough job market... in any job market... welcome. welcome to kaplan university. call kaplan university now or visit us on-line to take our free learning assessment.
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